Physical Domain Information


Middle childhood results with children in the age range of 6-10. Children tend to really start to become one with themselves when they are at this age. A view examples of the way children develop are; steady gain in weight and height, they tend to start losing their 20 primary "baby" teeth, they start to become more active in organized sports by becoming more talented and competitive, and they increase their fine motor skills, for example reading, writing, and drawing. They have said that girls tend to develop and mature more rapidly then boys, in compartments such as their skeletal maturity and developing their permanent teeth sooner.
For many children in their middle childhood years, self conciousness is a big issue once they start to hit puberty. They start to understand and notice the difference in their bodies as well as they notice that others see the difference too. "In, fact, people generallly respond more to children they precieve to be physically attractive" (P.161, McDevitt and Ormrod). Physical apperance falls under a category of social relationships, and affects they way children, boys and girls, feel about their physical apperace, self esteem, and body image.

Symptoms to develop proper Physical Development for Children:
1. Eating habits
2. Physical Activity
3. Rest and Sleep
4. Health Comprising Behaviors